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Welcome to the Official Justin Martin Racing Team Website. Just up and running at the end of June and all of us in the Martin Racing Team are very excited about the 2008 season. Be sure to bookmark this website so you can keep up to date with what's new for Martin Racing. Justin will be racing winged and non-winged sprint cars with SOS, the MTS Sprints, Sprints on Dirt, ESS and many others. Stay Tuned for as we will be updating it weekly with photos, results and press releases. So stick around and take a peek and don't forget to sign my guestbook to let Martin Racing know that you stopped by!

Latest Press

Quick Start, but a Disapointing End


As Justin Martin and the Martin Motorsports crew would make their first apperance this past weekend with the non-wing Michigan Traditional Sprints series. At the start of the heat the XXX race co 7m would start in the 4th position but wouldnt stay there long. Coming out of the first corner Justin had already moved into the 2nd position and was catching the leader. By lap 4 Justin had made his pass on the high side and never looked back, getting Justin his first checker flag of the 2010 campaign. In the feature Justin would start on the pole for the 25 lap event. The 7m would settle into 2nd for the first couple laps before catching leader Steve Irwin, before Justin could make the past he would wash the car off the end of turn 1 and 2 and relegate himself back to 6th place. The rockys harley davidson 360 sprint would catch the leaders but once again wash the sprint off the high side of the track and relegate himself even further back into the field. While two cars ended up fliping with 13 laps to go, Justin would end up pulling of the track due to engine problems and overheating and would finsih a disapointing 15th place. The Martin Motorsports team would like to thank all their sponsors and fans for supporting them this past weekend and look forward to seeing everyone at the next event. Stay tuned @ www.justinmartinracing.com for more news and updates.

Solid night with Sod


After the Northern Summer Nationals the 360 sprint of Martin Motorsports traveled to there home track, at South Buxton Raceway to take on the Sprints on dirt. Justin would start his heat in the 4th position, and battle with Kyle Patrick and Darren Long but would have to settle for 3rd place. In the redraw a lucky fan would draw Justin and the 7m Rockys harley-davidson sprint the outside pole for the A-main. Once the green flag dropped the green 7m would settle in for second for the first 10 laps of the race. Justin would fall back to third, as the top three of Greg Dalman, Dustin Daggett and Justin Martin would break away from the rest of the field in the 25 lap event. As the checker would drop Justin and is XXX race co, Engine Research 360 sprint would have to settle for a 3rd place finish on the night. The Martin Motorsports would like to thank all the fans for coming out and supporting them at South Buxton aswell as all their sponsors. Stay tuned to www.justinmartinracing.com for news and updates


New car makes Northern Summer Nationals


After Martin Motorsports took a week off, they were building a new car after flipping and destroying their main car the previous week. They rolled off the new 7m Rockys Harley Davidson 360 sprint and she was quick right out of the gate. Justin would start his heat in 2nd place and battle back and forth with Dustin Daggett and Darren Long, Justin would end up grabing the 2nd place which would out him in the 1st qualifier of the night. The 7m sprint would start in the 6th position but in the 10 lap qualifier was able to jump up to 5th and grab an A main starting spot. The new XXX race co chassis with the Engine Research 360 under the hood would start 17 in the A. Throughout the whole night Justin was back and for but would settle for 19th spot. Martin Motorsports would like to thanks all there sponsors and fans for all their support. Stay tuned to www.justinmartinracing.com for news and updates.


Back to Back Top Tens


Justin Martin and the sprint team decided to try there luck again at the Big "O" on the 28. Once again Justin didnt draw a great starting position starting him in 5th place in his heat race. Justin powered up the Engine research 360 and was able to motor to 4th place and recieve the final re-draw position. In the feature Justin would redraw 11 as a starting position for the xXx sprint car. Once the green dropped Justin was on the move in the 7m Rocky's Harley Davidson Sprint. By the time the checkered flags dropped Kyle Moffit took the win, but Justin found himself sporting another strong top ten finsih finsihing 8th in the A'main. Stay tuned to www.justinmartinracing.com for more news and updates.

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